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The Blue-Bike Murder

Young Jake Swift is terrified that he is a suspect when his friend is murdered.

Tom Jackson investigates

The ABC of Child Care
A reference book for parents or anyone who has the responsibility of caring for children

The Substitute

Inspector Tom Jackson has to take a back step when children go missing.

Is the present case linked to the cold murder case he is investigating?

Double Murder
Detectve Inspector Tom Jackson and his sergeant, Charle Rigby are called in to investigate when Colin Lovell returns home to find his wife dead and his young son missing.
However, Jackson has more to contend with than a murder and a missing child

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Teen Wars

Teenagers Aaron Ballantyne and Barry Cutler are the leaders of two rival kids gangs

They put aside their differences when faced with a common enemy - not of this world

Ron Parker is a writer, mostly of adult mysteries but he has also written some short stories and a sci-fi book for youngsters. Ron lives in the North West of England and leads a busy life. Despite this, he still finds time to write and to look after his cat, Peggy.

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